Technical support & after sales service
Technical support

The technical service system of APK include APK technical support department. Our dealer also provides technical support for you. When you purchase an APK product , APK will specify that the technical engineers provide service from beginning

If you need our service at set and operation ,please contact us:
Present online form (China time 08:00-18:00)
Online Technical support

After-sale services

Online service (China time 08:00-18:00)

Make an appointment on repairing
Urgent: respond immediate. TEL: +0086-17537187726(Please leave a message or send E-mail because working time)
Ordinary: respond in four hours. Please send E-mail to or leave a message.

Supply fittings: APK not only has a complete spare parts warehouse in the factory but also stock in our dealer. We can remove the spare parts to your appointed place as soon as possible.

Complaints and suggestions

Your give every advice for APK that will be our service direct.
Our service term will deal to your letter on time and give your satisfied reply.

General manager mailbox

Giving opinion or suggestion for general manager.
Need general manager involvement in your business.

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