Globalization project service system
Project Department

APK Service department undertake customer projects providing a solution process including design project、procuring equipment, construction installation, running and adjustment, delivery training, running maintain and so on.

APK actively intergrate resources to provide a superior service.
APK cooperates on projects domestically &gobally maintaining these partnerships diligently.

APK project services has 4 departments:
Customer service department: responsible for project negotiation with customers and follow up.
Bidding department: aim at large-middle project participate in the tender bidding in the world and participate in bidding activity of the customer.
Design department: technical engineers can effect and exact design project construction plan according to request of customer.
Project department: responsible for the install of project, adjustment and running maintenance work. Responsible for cooperative construction coordination work of the company. Skilled installation staff provide high quality service at any time.

Supply water of agricultural irrigation

Power plant boiler feed water, Power plant cooling tower feed water

Waterworks water supply system

Water conservancy project promotion

Urban drainage system, Draw sewage station

Urban drainage

Sewage treatment works

Mine drainage

Project construction

If your project need to invite tenders, design, construction or whole package, please contact our engineers of project construction department. We will in-depth communication for you.
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Technical support

If you are using APK products and service need technical support, please contact our experts.
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