The 2016 global distribution network planning
Dealers and our relationship

The marketing system of APK directly benefits the customer. For example, our “Nearby” principle; a composition of area and distribution with local support. As a dealer or contractor you can rely on the given authorization for trade and aftermarket assistance.
APK never leaves a customer alone.
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Join the APK global distribution system, you will get:

1, customer purchase actively. APK marketing system will match your customers to you to discuss area.
2, Competitive products.
3, Mature solution.
4, we supply our customer’s high quality pumps, technical support, better services etc.

Dealer requirement

A, Retailers: Need to have a pump store or pump warehouse sales.
B, Contractors: Have pump project scheme design and construction ability.
C, maintenance: Water pump project Maintenance Company (shops/stores)

If the condition fit any of the above three conditions, please fill in the below form and join in our global marketing system.
Our colleague of deal cooperate department who will contact with you as soon as possible and continue to the next step of negotiation.

Dealer service

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